RCR Member + Supporter Survey 2023 Results

In January and February of 2023, RCR opened up a public, electronic “Member and Supporter Survey” to collect information regarding our community’s outlook on biking in the Yampa Valley and how RCR is doing to support it. We appreciate all who participated – these responses will help us craft the future directions of RCR programs and advocacy. 

Congrats to Pete W., Jen C., and Kara M. – our three survey drawing prize winners! 

If you answered “Yes” above, please tell us WHY you are a member of Routt County Riders.  (a few example responses below)

  • Because of the ability of RCR to successfully advocate on behalf of trail users for access to high quality trails!
  • RCR is a well rounded organization that advocates for positive bike related activities.
  • To physically and financially support the mission of RCR, build community, and get IMBA pro deals 😉
  • My family are all bike riders and we want to support financially and physically the trails we love to ride.  RCR is a great organization and gets s*** done!
  • Having a strong and vocal advocacy group is critical to support the growth and challenges faced by the cycling community in Steamboat.
  • If you ride bikes in a community you should support organizations that make your riding experience better and safer. 
  • I just joined a few months ago because I’m starting to get more into mountain biking, and RCR seemed like a logical first step to getting more involved in the local bike community.
  • Because RCR effectively partners  with our applicable land management agencies (City, USFS, BLM etc) to preserve, enhance and expand mountain bike access in Routt County and the surrounding area.

What are the best things about riding a bike in Routt County? (a few example responses below)

  • Accessibility, variety, amazing trails, community, friends, views + bevies at the end of a ride!
  • The scenery/environment, the quality and variety of roads and trails, the community.
  • Lots of variety – I love being able to ride from my door to the trails!
  • Riding singletrack out my doorstep without having to get into a car! I moved here for the biking and the skiing is just a bonus.
  • Trailheads close to town, remote feel in north Routt, beautiful scenery, options to ride smooth, low-tech trail, options to ride rocky, high-tech trail.
  • It’s beautiful and more fun than starting a car.
  • Great variety of gravel and excellent single track and an outstanding community of locals who ride at all levels. 
  • The amazing trail system, the variety of places you get to access. Connecting with community.

What could be improved for the OVERALL rider experience in Routt County?  (a few example responses below)

  • Better bike racks/bike parking that actually works with various bikes and locks throughout the community.
  • Gunn Creek connector and highlighting some trails in West Routt around Lost Park, California Park, Black Mountain and the general Bears Ears country.
  • Adding additional trails to accommodate the increasing number of local and visiting MTB riders.
  • More e-bike access for those that need it.  When my knee was repairing I could not ride up emerald, so I was limited to the core trail and my e-bike.
  • I believe there needs to be another hiking/run only trail on emerald that isn’t straight up but windy through the trees.  This would help alleviate overcrowding and let all users have an enjoyable experience.
  • Open the Steamboat Resort Bike Park!
  • Find a way to take the pressure off of Flash of Gold!
  • Continued diversity of MTB trails, with the goal of increasing technical and advanced options.
  • Maybe RCR could help a little more than just the Steamboat metro area. There is more to Routt County than Buff and Emerald.
  • Better/safer commuter bike lanes and routes, better education and outreach explaining wildlife closures and trail impacts, better education and outreach about e-bike usage.
  • Free beer on Fridays. 🙂
  • Bike lanes on 129, 131, 14/River Road, 33/Twenty Mile.
  • Maybe more trails that adaptive bikers can ride on.
  • Keep developing the membership list with outreach. There is a huge community of riders and many still need to know the importance of your work. Many riders take for granted the access to trails, trail construction and the political advocacy that’s critical to growing and maintaining our sport. There are opponents growing that are well organized and a deep roster of support is important to our strength.
  • Focus more on local trails that have been neglected, i.e. Mad Creek Red Dirt, all North Routt, South Routt.
  • Building more directional trails to avoid issues between hikers and bikers.

What are some things that Routt County Riders is doing well in the community, i.e. what are our strengths?  (a few example responses below)

  • Trail maintenance and communication about trail conditions, recruitment and organization of volunteer work days.
  • Working in conjunction with local agencies to get new projects approved and built.
  • Great effort with the SSMS E-bike contingent. Port-a-Potties for road riders. Ambassadors!
  • Advocating for new trails (the new downhill trail on Emerald will be awesome!)  Bike Match program is great for getting a second life for used bikes to kids who need them.  
  • This is a bigger presence than in years past, the bike safety and Bike Match programs are awesome. I really like seeing this part of RCR developing.
  • Community engagement and support. Providing updated general information to the MTB community about what is happening and what is in the works. Creating community.
  • I’m primarily a fat biker when I’ve ridden in Routt County. I love that Emerald Mountain is groomed in the winter!
  • RCR has fostered an inclusive community of cyclists who are eager to participate in events and volunteering. 
  • Very involved in the community, lots of volunteer events available. 

What are some things that Routt County Riders could improve upon within the community – i.e. what needs work? (a few example responses below)

  • Adopt-a-Trail program so people/groups/businesses have buy-in.
  • Organized group rides.
  • Fix Creekside.
  • Push Steamboat Resort harder to open the Bike Park.
  • Strive to increase the unity and voice of the MTB and cycling community in the face of deep-pocketed opposition groups such as KRW.
  • Take a stand to limit the proliferation of e-bikes on single-track.
  • More free beer!
  • I’d love to see RCR become a more powerful force for community building—to encourage all cyclists to feel represented by RCR, to promote enthusiastic support for various types of bicycling, to build bridges to other recreationists and stakeholders.
  • I would love to see some fat bike events occur or even more bike events in the area during the rest of the year!
  • Less focus on new trails in wild places and more maintaining and improving the trail networks we already have. 
  • RCR could work better with other user groups in the community.  I’m especially thinking about hikers on multi-use trails.  Our local trails are getting so busy, maybe it’s time to implement no-bikes days (hiking only) on the Spring Creek Trail? 
  • Collaborate with other organizations on volunteer days, like YVSC or Yampatika to support local causes and gather more volunteers.
  • BMX program involvement and Bear River Bike Park improvements
  • Please continue and expand efforts to educate our elementary and middle school kids on safe riding practices in town and on the Core Trail. 
  • More social events.