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New this year, The Emerald Mountain Epic brings you themed monthly training challenges to encourage getting the most out of yourself!  Each month, we will celebrate the history of Emerald Mountain in Steamboat Springs as it relates to the spirit of the Honey Stinger Emerald Mountain Epic.  As such, the theme for our first challenge is:



In 1875, James H. Crawford ventured from Hot Sulphur Springs to the current day Yampa Valley.  He was a Civil War veteran seeking a new beginning with his family, and he believed he would find it along the banks of the Yampa River.  For a $200 fee, Crawford filed for the first land patent in what would become Steamboat Springs.  His land patent was granted in 1879 for 160 acres, a portion of which spanned to the base of current day Howelsen Hill on Emerald Mountain.  Hence, as Crawford and his family started anew, they became forever known as the founders of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


A year ago, we rang in a new decade with hope and optimism for what laid ahead.  Little did we know what 2020 would bring.  While challenges still persist, there is reason to believe that 2021 will be a year to celebrate positivity, hope and even the mere act of celebration!  January of 2021 can be your chance to hit the reset button and revisit the goals you had set 12-months ago that may not have been fulfilled for reasons beyond your control.


11th Annual?… 10th Event?… 2nd Annual?… 1st In-Person?… Depends on how you look at it!  The “Steamboat Stinger” was founded by Honey Stinger in 2011 as a two-day mountain bike and trail running race showing off the exceptional singletrack trails in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Over the next decade, the race would attract thousands of participants annually, and the proceeds would benefit two exceptional local non-profit organizations in Routt County Riders and Partners in Routt County.  After hosting the race for a ninth time in 2019, Honey Stinger decided to hand the reins of the event over to its longtime beneficiaries.  Hence, a name change was required, and the Honey Stinger Emerald Mountain Epic era started in 2020!  Though the event management and the name had changed, the mission remained the same – to host a first-class racing experience showcasing one of Colorado’s best trail networks.  Whether it was seen as the tenth continuation of the “Stinger” or the first “Emerald Mountain Epic”, we wanted participants to leave with the feeling that they had participated in a race that provided an unmatched experience.  Then, 2020 became, well, 2020…  As with most events across the nation, we spent many hours planning and then revising plans to both keep up with ever changing health orders and with the hopes that we could host an in-person race.  Ultimately, for the safety of our participants and our community, we chose to switch to a virtual platform.  So, 2021 is our new beginning, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the Honey Stinger Emerald Mountain Epic returns on August 7th & 8th for a premier in-person race event (we hope) AND a virtual fundraising run/ride!


Earn ONE Entry | Log 2 Hours 1 Minute of training in the month to honor the 2nd Annual / 1st In-Person Emerald Mountain Epic

Earn TWO Entries | Log 11 Hours 10 Minutes of training in the month to honor the 11th Annual / 10th In-Person race on Emerald

Earn THREE Entries | Log 20 Hours 21 Minutes of training in the month to honor the promise and optimism of 2021

Earn FIVE Entries | Log 1,879 Minutes of training in the month to honor the first land grant on Emerald Mountain in 1879


On February 1st, as we open registration for this year’s event, we will draw one winner of a FREE ENTRY into the 2021 Honey Stinger Emerald Mountain Epic!