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JUNE 2 – Marabou XC | Marabou Ranch

JUNE 16 – Emerald Endurance | Emerald Mountain

JULY 14 – Mt. Werner Madness | Mount Werner/Steamboat Resort

AUGUST 11 – Buff Pass Hill Climb (Permit Pending) | Buffalo Pass

AUGUST 18 – FREE Community Ride – BBQ – Awards | Howelsen Hill



New to the Town Challenge MTB Race Series and curious about what division to register for? Check out the division overviews below to find a race category that best fits your riding style and distance preferences.

BEGINNER/NOVICE: You are a Beginner/Novice if you love riding your bike but the idea of racing may be intimidating or nerve-wracking. You’re a Beginner/Novice if you are looking for a fun outlet to push yourself a little faster or further than usual, but aren’t ready for the stress or physical exertion of a longer race. Beginner/Novice racers are here for a fun time, not necessarily a fast time!

1 / 5 Spandex Rating

SPORT: The Sport division encapsulates the broadest category of racer. Typically, if you have to ask which category you should enter, it’s likely to be Sport. Sport riders are challenging to define, but the majority rock baggy shorts, may race and ride in flat pedals, and would win the “most likely to be caught enjoying a beverage in the parking lot post ride” award. Maybe you raced Beginner/Novice last year and are ready for a bigger challenge. Perhaps you have never raced, but ride frequently and are comfortable on your mountain bike in group settings. Maybe you are not new to racing but aren’t feeling the extra few miles of the Expert/Pro/Open course or want to save your legs for volleyball league.

2.5 / 5 Spandex Rating

EXPERT: You are an Expert if you have been riding/racing for a while and want to push yourself and race against similarly abled riders. You’re an Expert if you are comfortable in a race setting passing and being passed. You are an Expert if you ride for fun but also incorporate a lot of training into your weekly routine. You’re probably an Expert if you rock clipless pedals (don’t worry, we see you speedy flat peddlers), and the likelihood is high that you shave your stems and rock Spandex on race day.

3.5-4 / 5 Spandex Rating

Single Speed: This division typically takes off with the Experts, but is in a league of their own. Single Speeders don’t fit into a single box, but many agree that they are gluttons for punishment. Single Speed racers may show up in full Spandex, but are more likely to race in cut of jorts and may, or may not, rock a handlebar mustache. Gearless but not fearless, Single Speeders at their core are the true essence of mountain biking.

2.5-3.5 / 5 Spandex Rating

PRO/OPEN: If you are a Pro/Open racer, your probably not looking at the definition for which category you should enter. You rock full Spandex on race day (90% likely to be Steamboat Velo), probably shave your stems, and it’s safe to bet you don’t ride in anything except clipless pedals. You train hard and you race harder.

5 / 5 Spandex Rating