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Drop your token in the bucket to benefit RCR!

As a token of Mountain Tap’s appreciation for all that the nonprofit organizations do in our community… each Tuesday is Token Tuesday! It’s their guests’ opportunity to purchase and enjoy a beer, then DO GOOD for the community.

Each month Mountain Tap selects four local nonprofit organizations to support. On Token Tuesday, each guest receives a wooden token for every beer they purchase. Before leaving Mountain Tap Brewery, they can select which of the four organizations they want to support by depositing their token in that organization’s Token Tuesday box. At the end of the month, Mountain Tap Brewery empties the boxes, adds up the tokens for each organization and presents each one with $1 for every token they received. Whichever organization collects the most tokens throughout the month is dubbed “King of the Mountain Tap” and gets to stay on as a beneficiary for one more month.