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Ride the Cog highlights the history and legacy of Hayden and West Routt County.  Although ‘gravel grinders’ are currently a big trend for cyclists, West Routt has been gravel grinding for over a century, thanks to early Hayden pioneers and cycling enthusiasts Ferry Carpenter and Ernest Walker in the early 1900s.  The Cog Ride takes advantage of the Cog’s impressive climb along with the network of gravel roads surrounding Hayden.

Ferry Carpenter was known to ride his bicycle to commute to his law office back in the early 1900s.  “The Gravel Grinder”, is the same bicycle route Ferry used in 1913 and his descendants, the Zars family, still continue that legacy while commuting to the homestead today.

Ride the Cog has proven to be a colorful gathering for every level and age of bicycle enthusiast. From vintage models, single speeds, and tandems to fat bikes and high-end racing setups, you see it all.

The ride has several options including:

  • 25 mile fun “breezer” south of town on gently rolling hills.
  • 31 mile scenic ‘Gravel Grinder’  north on the Cog that starts with a challenging ride on pavement up the Cog then circles west on gravel roads around Elkhead Reservoir.
  • 27 mile ‘Mud Route’, almost entirely on gravel and dirt, starts with a spectacular climb up the Middle Cog then heads along remote backcountry routes including the homestead of Ferry Carpenter.
  • 43 mile ‘Combined Ride’ which features the best of both routes.  Starts at 10am
  • 85 mile “ULTIMATE” – New this year for those who want a challenge that showcases the best of West Routt County!

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