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The Honey Stinger Emerald Mountain Epic attracts some of the nation’s best mountain bike and trail running racers, while still offering incredible opportunities for athletes of all skill levels to test their meddle.  Our race is a uniquely rewarding and challenging experience in that it is 90% singletrack with major elevation gains. 

To minimize the impacts on the Emerald Mountain trail system, our past permits have only allowed for 500 racers on the start line each day. While our total field is limited to 500 racers per day, there will be no specific limit placed on individual categories.  

MOUNTAIN BIKE RACES – August 6, 2022

SOLO Race: 52 miles with approximately 6,600 feet of elevation gain


  • Pro/Open Men’s and Women’s Races
  • Citizen Men’s, Women’s and Inclusive Races
  • Clydesdale Races (open to anyone over 200lbs.)
  • Singlespeed Men’s, Women’s and Inclusive Races


DUO Relay: Teams of two, each completing 26 mile laps with about 3,300 feet gained 


  • Men’s Team
  • Women’s Team
  • Co-Ed Team
  • Inclusive Team


TRAIL RUNNING RACES – August 7, 2022

FULL Marathon: 26.2 miles with approximately 3,300 feet of elevation gain


  • Men’s, Women’s & Inclusive Races


HALF Marathon: 13.1 miles with approximately 1,500 feet of elevation gain


  • Men’s, Women’s & Inclusive Races


ROYALTY OF THE ‘BOAT  RACES presented by ALPINE BANK – August 6 & 7, 2022

Some like to ride, some like to run, and then there are those who do both!  For you, we offer special categories that combine your times from each day’s race to see who can truly claim the crowns of Emerald Mountain Epic Royalty!


  • KING of the Boat: Combined time of Men’s Solo MTB & Full Marathon
  • QUEEN of the Boat: Combined time of Women’s Solo MTB & Full Marathon
  • MONARCH of the Boat: Combined time of Inclusive Solo MTB & Full Marathon
  • PRINCE of the Boat: Single lap time in Duo MTB and Men’s Half Marathon
  • PRINCESS of the Boat: Single lap time in Duo MTB and Women’s Half Marathon
  • ROYAL HIGHNESS of the Boat: Single lap in Duo MTB & Inclusive Half Marathon



The Honey Stinger Emerald Mountain Epic believes in being welcoming to all!  We are committed to diversity, inclusion and gender equality among our athletes, staff and volunteers. As such, we proudly announce Inclusive categories for the 2022 event.   These categories are designed to welcome and promote participation from all racers!  Riders and runners that sign up for our Inclusive categories will be competing against all other riders and runners that sign up within the Inclusive category, regardless of gender identity, skill level, or any other demographic characteristics. These categories are open to anyone – He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers & They/Them/Their.  


July 23-August 5, 2022

We received a lot of positive feedback from people who appreciated that our virtual experience allowed them to support Routt County Riders and Partners in Routt County without having to commit to a race. For that reason, we’re happy to bring back challenges that you can complete on your own time and at your own pace! For these, we will offer the following challenges that each come with their own benefits and opportunities to win great prizes:


  • 52-Mile Mountain Bike
  • 26-Mile Mountain Bike
  • Full Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Mini-Epic 10-Mile Mountain Bike
  • Mini-Epic 10k Trail Running